Trinity Art Style

IMG 0179 225x300 Trinity Art Style

Trinity Art Style, only shown above

Trinity Art Style
Over years of painting, I explored the concept of self-identity while establishing an artistic style. This style is best exemplified in my Christ and my Moose painting cycles.
I have always needed to paint more than just a pretty picture; when I was younger, the subject needed to be an issue that I felt passionately about.  My Pre-2000 and 2002-2003 Collections exemplify my concerns about specific societal problems and social justice.
In more recent years, my explorations led me to paint important themes in my life. I examined religion in my Christ Paintings and my newfound nationality in my Moose Paintings.  My dual quest for self-identity and for a personal artistic style slowly developed with  each painting in the two series.
Finally, my explorations led to the Trinity Style.  This style focuses on three elements of design which I feel are most important to me as an artist.
The Rules of Three of the Trinity Style are:
  1. Only painting with the primary colours: red, blue, and yellow
  2. Only painting with primary shapes: circle, square, and triangle
  3. Only painting with three values of each colour

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